Sitting on the Imaginary Beach
Akkara is a photo artist who began his practice in Street Photography and later developed into Conceptual Photography, which included many experimental projects including “Signs”, “Demonic”, and “Uncertainties of Their Hopes”.  Akkara’s works normally examine and critique the social issues that he faced, which reflects his point of view and interpretation of the outside world.  In this work, “Sitting on the Imaginary Beach”, he has adopted a reflective process looking back into his own world, an area he has not explored in the past. 
In his childhood, Akkara rarely had moments of enjoying the beach with his parents. These parts of his early experiences have been largely lost and damaged along with much of his early family life. Now when going to the beach, Akkara frequently observes many people gathering with their families, sitting and looking far out at the sea in silence. To him, this looks like a scene from a painting or from an awkwardly long scene in an art movie. At those moments he often felt jealous of them but, would in his imagination find himself sitting on the same beach along with his parents and his brother also gazing peacefully out to the sea just like other families
May 18, 2019
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