Our Beloved Traffic
Thailand won the world's worst traffic in 2016 researched by American company INRIX. The research shows that Thai people spent an average of 64 hours sitting in traffic last year.
Actually this result is not too surprising because Thai people have been living with this kind of traffic since birth. That means this problem has never been solved even though solving traffic will often be in election's champagnes. If you stay in Thailand long enough; you would hear news like a baby being delivered in terrible traffic many times until His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX) had to found The Royal Traffic Police Project to help people about this and other bad situations happening in the road.
When tourists come to Thailand, they would take pictures or selfie with Bangkok traffic jam like a thing they must do. Maybe winning the world's worst traffic will become a new campaign of Thailand that one day we may be proud of winning and want to win it again and again.

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